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History of Westbury Council 1012

Taken from the 1955 Golden Jubilee Journal on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Knights of Columbus - Westbury Council
On June 25, 1905 the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus granted its 1012th charter to a group of sixteen Catholic men in Westbury, and Westbury Council No. 1012 was born.  The sixteen men who comprised its original member were stable managers, coachmen, harness makers and grooms as befits Westbury of 1905, just as its present membership (circa 1955) consists of mechanics, plumbers, engineers, salesmen and commuters.

Jeremiah J. Hurley was the first Grand Knight, and by the time he had completed seven terms in that capacity, his leadership and efforts had increased the ranks of the Council to one hundred thirty-five members, including three of the clergy.  In this number was Mr. Henry Walters who took his first degree in 1915, and is now the only living honorary member.

World War I came and went, but the Westbury Council stayed and flourished, and by the middle of the "roaring twenties" it was one of the leading organizations in the community.  1929 is not generally remembered as a good year, but for the council it marked the opening of the Council's own clubhouse in July of that year.  Grand ceremonies were held under the direction of then Grand Knight Joseph J. Clinton and a plaque was presented by Westbury Post 101, American Legion

The building was a suitable and useful one in Westbury and served, among other things, as a home for an organization of the Catholic Daughters of America.  It was under that roof, also that the Council celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a dinner and dance in June, 1930. The depression, however, finally took its toll and in 1937, as a result of financial difficulties, the Council was compelled to surrender the clubhouse.

Far from marking the end of the K. of C. in Westbury, this unfortunate set-back is now regarded only as a turning point.  A new era of rebuilding commenced, and the members of No. 1012 were meeting in increased numbers in the old parish hall of St. Brigid's.  Beautiful knotty pine chambers were constructed by the members of the Council, and the bowling alleys still in existence in that building were provided to the parish.

World War II came suddenly and brought the activities of Westbury Council to a halt.  However, with the end of the war period new horizons appeared, both for the community and for the K of C.  An influx of new residents has brought membership to an all-time high of over three hundred.  The council relinquished its chambers in the parish hall so that they could be available for the increased number of children. It began holding meetings in the Carle Place American Legion hall and continued to do so until September 12, 1957. At that time, arrangements were made to hold meetings in the basement of the Carle Place Chapel. The Council has been meeting there to this day.

During the 1955-1956 Council year, our Sister organization - the Columbiettes - was formed. Margaret Sullivan was elected its first president and since that time the organization has grown tremendously in number and activity.

Westbury Council No. 1012 is now a very successful and active Order with a membership of four hundred fifty Knights. The crowning accomplishment this past year was the receiving of the "Star Council" award for outstanding Council achievements.

In 1961, Westbury Council moved from the Carle Place Chapel into the heart of the Westbury community on Post Ave.  We remained at this site until 1981 when unfortunately the building had to be sold.  There were many wonderful functions and events held in this building and it will be missed.  Following the sale, Westbury Council moved into the American Legion Hall on Lincoln Place. 

In September 1980, St. Brigid’s Parish began the official celebration of it’s 125th Anniversary.  During the coming year many members of Westbury Council contributed to the St. Brigid Anniversary Celebration. 

In March 1981, the Westbury Council Columbiettes celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a dinner at the Joseph Lamb Council.

Over the years Westbury Council continued to do the charitable work they had been performing in the Westbury/Carle Place community.  They also continued to pray for peace around the world, pray for the end of nuclear proliferation, pray for those still missing in Vietnam and praying for the unborn.  Westbury Council has also run food drives at various supermarkets in the community.  The food we collected was donated to both St. Brigid’s Parish in Westbury and Our Lady of Hope Parish in Carle Place.

After many years in the American Legion building, Westbury Council picked up stakes and moved their headquarters to St. Andrew’s Church on Ellison Ave where they remained until 1995.  At that time, the council moved their meetings to the St. Brigid’s School library and finally in 1996 finally moved to it’s present location in Our Lady of Hope Hall in Carle Place. 

Thanks to an excellent Membership Committee, devoted brothers and Insurance Agent Westbury Council was able to receive the “Star Council” Award during fraternal years 1999-2000 and 2000-2001. 

The Council looks back at the past one hundred  years with pride and gratitude, and looks forward with prayerful hopes that its efforts to promote Catholocism and Columbianism will be blessed with success

The history ends here.  This page will be completed by the members of Council 1012